Wearable Absence

Wearable Absence   2009

Wearable Absence is a collaboration between Studio subTela and The Digital Studios at Goldsmiths College.  The garment is embedded with bio-sensors that detect different biometric readings of the body: heartrate, rate of respiration, temperature and galvanic skin response. Based on that data, an emotional state is assigned to the wearer.  That information is sent to an online database and based on the emotional state, a variety of media responses are transmitted back through the garments.  Audio tracks can be heard through the wireless speakers in the hood, text messages scroll through the LED display in the sleeve and still images and texts are presented in the PDA device, all bringing you “something that you need.”

Contributors: Janis Jefferies, Hesam Khoshneviss, Miguel-Andres Clavera, In-Yong Cho, Helen Weston, Robert Zimmer, Reza Soleymani, Andre Arnold, jake moore, Maryam Golshayan, Elisabeth Belliveau