The Book, the Sound Table and the Text Panel

The Book, the Sound Table and the Text Panel   2019
In collaboration with sound artist Marc-André Cossette. Text by Hilary Bergen.

The design of the book in this installation was inspired by the cover of a 17th century book lavishly embroidered with metal thread from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The cover of the electronic book in the installation has an embroidered antenna in the center surrounded with four medallions featuring embroidered portraits of Studio subTela members as they examine textiles in museum archives.  Opening the book will activate the sound components of the project, created by Marc-Andre Cossette.  The tabletop itself is the speaker and the sound tracks are a combination of fluttering pages and Janis Jefferies’ voice as she reads to the team about the ancient metal work techniques they are observing.  Inside the book is a small video monitor showing them at work in the Textile Museum of Canada.

The wireless signal emanating from the book connects to a similar design on a corresponding wall panel.  The embroidered text by Hilary Bergen is an excerpt from an essay written for the Enchantment of Textiles project.

Contributors: Ryth Kesselring, Claire Nadon, Tahseen Mustafa, Ahmed Kishk, Fanny Savoie, Martin Peach, Hesam Khoshneviss, Genevievè Moisan and Sareh Majidi.