The Mirror, the Coat and the Sensing Carpet

The Mirror, the Coat and the Sensing Carpet   2019

A small mirror is mounted inside a frame embroidered with floral motifs and birds, inspired by a 19th century Persian saddle from the Victoria and Albert Museum.  This is surrounded by a larger frame that supports a directional speaker.  It also features a silver embroidered medallion at the top, which is an antenna that transmits and receives signals from the coat or the sensing carpet.

Nearing the mirror when wearing the embroidered coat will wirelessly trigger a sonic environment.  Alternatively walking on the sensing carpet will also activate the speaker to play the sound component.  The sound design is by Marc-André Cossette, who was inspired by the birds in the embroidery.

Contributors: Geneviève Moisan, Tahseen Mustafa, Ahmed Kishk, Claire Nadon, Ryth Kesselring, Fanny Savoie, Martin Peach, Hesam Khoshneviss and Sareh Majidi.

Photo  at top of page is from the Milieux video, Nodes by Vjosana Shkurti and Agustina Isidori.