Resonant Garments: Maxwell’s Equations

Maxwell’s Equations   2016

Lauren Osmond and Barbara Layne

Maxwell’s Equations consists of three garments that incorporate unique antenna designs that wirelessly connect the garments to one another. The designs draw inspiration from 19th century fashion and from James Maxwell’s pioneering theories of electromagnetic fields. The antennas on the front of the dresses are in the shape of one of Maxwell’s diagrams.  When physically aligned, the strength of the wireless connection will change the messages in the LED arrays which include formulas, texts about and by Maxwell, and even some of his corny love poetry.  The shape of each dress is inspired by one of the laws of the three physicists – Faraday, Gauss and Ampere – who developed fundamental formulas that contributed to Maxwell’s theory.

Contributors: Geneviève Moisan, Tahseen Mustafa, Ahmed Kishk, Donna Legault, Hesam Khoshneviss, Sareh Majidi, Ryth Kesselring, Claire Nadon, Marc Beaulieu, Sarah Majidi, Janis Jefferies.   Photo credits: First image: Matthew Brooks; Video and black & white Images: Nina Bouchard