Black Wall Hanging

Black Wall Hanging   2006

The fabric is made of black linen yarns, woven in a traditional 2/2 twill pattern. Woven on a hand loom, the weave structure supports embedded Light Emitting Diodes in a reprogrammable message board array at the top of the weaving. Insulated wires are woven alongside linen yarns to create a flexible circuit.

At times, the warp yarns (lengthwise) change positions with the weft yarns (crosswise) to follow the schematic diagram of the complex circuit. All digital elements were incorporated during the weaving process resulting in a soft, scrolling message board. Wire wrapping tehniques connect the various components.

The hanging was first exhibited at The Hub (now the National Centre for Craft and Design) in Lincolnshire England.  The various texts of the hanging refer to he building’s origins as a seed warehouse and to Linconshire’s Isaac Newton and his theory of light reflection and refraction.

Contributors: Hesam Khoshneviss, Diane Morin, Maryam Golshayan