The Table Runner, the Boots and the Magic Wand

The Table Runner, The Boots and the Magic Wand   2019

This installation of 3 dynamic textile objects features flexible embroidered antennas that broadcast wireless signals connecting the objects to one another.  The Table Runner is embedded with digital stories about magic tablecloths and historic events regarding tables and boots.  Walking toward the table while wearing the Boots will activate the messages in the LED matrix.  Depending on the proximity and orientation, different messages will appear according to wireless signal strength.

Since not all viewers can wear The Boots, a Magic Wand is available for them to use, also triggering the different stories that are embedded in the cloth.

Contributors: Ryth Kesselring, Claire Nadon, Tahseen Mustafa, Fanny Savoie, Ahmed Kishk,  Geneviève Moisan, Marc Beaulieu, Hesam Khoshneviss, Sareh Majidi