Jacket Antics

Jacket Antics   2007

Jacket Antics are two garments that have unique texts and designs scrolling through the LED array woven on the back of each. When the wearers hold hands, the displays present a third message that scrolls from back of one to the other.

The message on the back of the female dress scrolls texts and designs related to inventions made in Canada.  Likewise, the messages on the male jacket scroll messages from the country where the project is being presented (Australia, Germany, etc.).  When the couple begins to hold hands a third message appears– text from a published article that quotes a historic event about technology between Canada and the host country.

Contributors: Hesam Khoshneviss, Diane Morin, Meghan Price, Maryam Golshayan. Credits (for photos 3 & 4):  Mikey Siegel