Provocative Spaces

Provocative Spaces   2016 – 2019

The second phase of the Enchantment of Textiles project, Provocative Spaces, is an installation of garments, wall panels and objects that communicate through their unique textile antennas that were inspired by objects viewed in historic museum collections.  Responsive LED displays and sound components create a sensorally rich environment that includes garments, a wall sampler, a pair of boots, a mirror, magic wand, table cloth, a book and a sound table.  Moving objects in the space will create a change in the strength of the antenna signals between the objects causing a reaction in the LED displays and audio tracks.  Random electromagnetic interference from stray WiFi signals can also affect the environment.

Contributors:  Janis Jefferies, Ahmed Kishk, Genevieve Moisan, Tahseen Mustafa, Ryth Kesselring,  Hesam Khoshneviss, Claire Nadon, Fannie Savoie, Donna Legault, Romain DeBeze, Tim Belliveau, Sareh Majidi, Sandrine Beaud