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Hesam Khoshneviss, Maryam Golshayan, and Azadeh Hamidi


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Studio subTela is involved in the training of a new generation of artists/designers/engineers who cross creative and technical spheres.  Most team members have their own area of expertise, but also develop a combination of knowledge in electronics, circuit design and hand weaving.  The Team is essential in providing a creative ambiance in the studio and making meaningful research contributions.

Research assistants are generally graduate assistants at Concordia University from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.  Barbara Layne is the Creative Director of the team, driving the projects, tending to the management & financing of the studio and is involved in hands-on production whenever possible.

Team Members:

Diane Morin
While a graduate student in Open Media in 2001. Diane Morin initially taught Barbara Layne basic electronics and Barbara taught Diane to weave.  Diane has been a pioneer at the Studio since 2001 and has collaborated on many aspects of research, including project design and circuitry schematics as well as weaving on the jacquard loom.  Her own studio work involves robotics as an ephemeral practice.

Hesam Khoshneviss
Hesam Khoshneviss joined the Studio in 2005 as a MASc student in Electrical Engineering, working on cooperation schemes in wireless Ad Hoc networks.  He is the magician who integrates the wireless and sensory systems into the interactive textiles, and is involved in all levels of design, production and lab management.

Maryam Golsahayan

Since 2006 Maryam Golshayan has contributed to the preparation and production of circuitry, electronic textiles and software systems.  A PhD student in Electrical Engineering at McGill University, Maryam’s research involves the development of 3-Dmodeling techniques and computational methods for analyzing and simulating the interaction of electromagnetic fields with human tissues in particular the heart.  She is the steady pulse of Studio subTela.

Meghan Price
A textile artist in the MFA-Fibres Program at Concordia, Meghan Price makes textile structures that relate to the less tangible patterns in life. She joined the Studio in 2006 and is the seamstress who dares to cut into electronic cloth and beautifully stitch it all together to create dynamic garments.

Azadeh Hamidi, MASc Civil Engineering, assists in the production of components.

Elisabeth Belliveau develops sound files, works at the loom and other production aspects

Omer Baluch, MASc, Computer Science, software wrangler

Andre Arnold, PhD, SIP at Concordia has designed non-invasive ways of integrating sensors into garments.

Jo Ball recently received her MFA in Fibres at Concordia and contributed to the design of soft switch technology in the keyboard project.

Jake Moore, who completed her MFA in Fibres, was an early contributor to the Studio, investigating new ways to integrate electronic technology into wearable textiles.

Other assistants who contributed to projects include Matthew Biederman, who set up the subTela Blog, Karen Allonce & Meera Patel, who concentrated on the Tunic garment, Lalo Yanez Avila who designed 256 weave structures on Amin Ranjbar ’s custom designed software, and loom handlers, Christine Mockett and Alanna Lynch.  Thanks also go to Helen Watson, Miguel Andres-Clavera & Inyong Cho from the Digital Studios at Goldsmiths College in London

Hexagram textile technicians, Isabelle Sentenne & Josée Hamelin trained and support us on the use of the Jacquard loom, the Mimaki printer and electronic embroidery machine.  Thanks also to Paul Fournier & Joel Taylor for their coordination of the magnificent Hexagram facilities. Stephen Bates, Mark Baehr, Cheryl Donnison and Momoko Allard are all generous and make Hexagram a great place to do creative work. Thanks to you all.