Flexible Keyboard Inspired by a soft-switch workshop taught by Joanna Berszowska, this flexible keyboard "apron" can be comfortably worn and plugged into any portable electronic device (pda, cell phone, etc.) for standard size keyboarding.
Touchpad system A series of garments and architectural panels will incorporate flexible touchpad devices and LED displays to create an interchangeable system of responsive elements. Architect Mahesh Senagala will contribute to the large scale planning for architectural constructions.
Tornado Weaving
We are working on a second jacquard weavng based on an image by Mike Hollingshead This interactive weaving will include sound that is triggered by the movement of the viewer.
Subtela Wearable blue2 jacket2 tdress whitehang black hanging yacov tornado tunic/vest
Wearable Absence
Blue Code
Jacket Antics
Tornado Dress
White Hanging
Black Hanging
Twining Project
Early Garments
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