© Studio subTela Jacket Antics. 2007

Jacket Antics are two garments that have unique texts and designs scrolling through the LED array on each of the backs. If the wearers hold hands, the LED arrays presents a third, synchronous message that scrolls from one to the other. When the wearers let go of their hands, the message reverts back to the individual themes. Traditional black linen yarns are woven alongside light emitting diodes, microcontrollers and sensors.

The garments impart meaning through both material and electronic languages. The capacity for interactivity in the animated cloth displays extend the narrative qualities of fabric and provide new possibilities for dynamic social interaction.

Subtela Wearable blue2 jacket2 tdress whitehang black hanging yacov tornado tunic/vest
Wearable Absence
Blue Code
Jacket Antics
Tornado Dress
White Hanging
Black Hanging
Twining Project
Early Garments
In Progress

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