Barbara Layne                                                  
Dept. of Studio Arts
Concordia University  EV2-823
Montreal, QC  H3G 1M8  Canada

Professor, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec                                              
STATUS:  U.S. and Canadian Citizenship       


Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty
, Curated by Camille Morgan, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago IL
Creative Technologies: New Gifts, curated by Sean Justice & Richard Jochum, Macy Gallery, Columbia University NYC

The Art of Fiber, The Dairy, Boulder CO
El reencantamiento de la tela (The Re-enchantment of Cloth) solo exhibition at The Museum for Textiles, Oaxaca Mexico

Intersensorial Textiles, curated by Penny Harris, Digital Media Gallery, U of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia
Luminessense, solo exhibition at Artifex Gallery, Vilnius Lithuania
Festival International De La Imagen, Manizales, Colombia

Rewind Into the Future, curated by Sarah Braddock Clark, Kaunas Biennale, National Art Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania
Sensual Technologies, International Symposium of Electronic Arts Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
This Pervasive Day, Inspace, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
New Media Interactive: Craft Meets Technology, The Kentrucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, Louisville, KY

Electromode, Code Live, exhibition and techno-fashion event for Vancouver Olympics 2010 at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC  
Contact, FOFA Gallery, for the 2010 Congress, Connected Understanding - Le savoir branche, Concordia University, Montreal

Wearable Technology: Powered Art and Fashion Design, the Five Days Off Festival, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, NL
I-Machine, The Edith Russ Haus for New Media, Oldenburg, Germany
Textiles of the World: Canada, Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles, QC

Inspired Design – Creative Entrepreneurial Textiles Exhibit, Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, Hendersonville, NC traveled to 5 university galleries in 2008-2009  
Awareables: Conscious Clothing, The San Jose Museum of Textiles and Quilts,  exhibition & demonstration in conjunction with ZerO-1 Media Arts Festival
Seamless 2008, Fashion Event at the Museum of Science in Boston and in Milan, Italy

Unravel 2007, Fashion event at SIGGRAPH, San Diego CA.
Mots Croises/Palabras Cruzadas, Centro Metropolitano de Diseño, Buenos Aires, Argentina (June/July) and the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (September)
Integration, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Australia

The International Biennale of Design, curated by Marc Choko, St. Etienne France, and at the Galerie de Ville de Marseille, France and at the Canadian Consulate in Washington D.C.
About Jacquard, The Gallery at the Centre for Contemporary Textiles, Montreal.
Intersections, The Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2006, Boston.
Unravel 2007, Fashion Show at the Roxy Club, (SIGGRAPH 2006) Boston

FUTURE TEXTILES: Fast Wear for Sport and Fashion, The HUB Centre, Lincolnshire, England
Engineered Arts, Queens University Union Gallery, Kingston, Ontario


SSHRC Insight Grant for Research Creation: The Enchantment of Cloth, PI: Barbara Layne, with Janis Jefferies and Mohammed Reza Soleymani ($323,800 over 3 years, 2014-2017)
CALQ Travel Grant, for exhibition, El reencantamiento de la tela. (The Re-enchantment of Cloth) at Museo Textil de Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico ($2000)
FRQSC Regroupement Strategique Hexagram. (Research Network Project) PI: Christopher Salter  ($1,048,500 over 6 years, 2014-2020)

Concordia University Seed Grant, Dynamic Layers for Electronic Textiles with Dr. Josef Shayan ($13,500)
University Research Award/Fellowship at Concordia University for Technology, Industry and Environment, ($5000 for 2013-2014)

CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund for infrastructure project, Dynamic Layers for Electronic Textiles, ($407,297)

CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund, for Dynamic Layers for Electronic Textiles (pending)
Media Arts Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts, Istanbul and Kaunas Lithuania
Travel Grant,
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec (CALQ), Xalapa, Mexico City and Oaxaca Mexico for Aire Conference
ravel Grant, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal for Kaunas and Istanbul

Persuasive Textiles and the Improbable Environment, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2009-2012)
Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts, Amsterdam
Travel Grant,
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec (CALQ), Germany
ravel Grant, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal

Currente Calamo, Hexagram Grant, with architect, Mahesh Senagala

Travel Grant, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec (CAQ) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Quebec Government House in London – travel grant
Seed Grant, Concordia University

Wearable Absence, Hexagram grant with Goldsmiths College collaborators

International Links Grant, University of Wollongong, Australia (with P. Harris) Visiting researcher-in-residence grant
Textiles, Translations & Transmissions, SSHRC Research-Creation Grant (P.I. on 3 year Team grant with Reza Soleymani)
Concordia University Engineering and Fine Arts Research Fund, with Reza Soleymani, Dept. of Engineering and Dept. of Fine Arts, seed grant
The Addressable Dress (P.I.) in collaboration w. J. Berzowska.  Hexagram team grant
Excitable Sites, (Berzowska PI, with Sha Xin Wei and C. Salter)  Hexagram team grant
Textile Translations, CIAM Research Grant, UQAM, Montreal.
Bodies in Motion, Banff Residency Award

Animated Textiles, Hexagram individual research grant
Inside/Outside Banff Residency Award
Travel Grant, Conseil des artes et des lettres du Quebec”, for ISEA, Helsinki/Estonia/Sweden
Transdisciplinary Network for Dance, Performance and Technology, SSHRC Networks

Artist Lectures:        
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Centro de Experimentación e Investigación en Artes Electrónicas, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero/Telefonica (Buenos Aires); University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, Emily Carr Academy of Art, Vancouver, BC; SIGGRAPH 2006, Boston; The Museum for Textiles, Toronto, ON; The Banff Centre; Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, CA; University of Nebraska; Goldsmith’s College, University of London, England; Manchester Metropolitan University, England; Glasgow School of Art, Scotland; University of Salford, England; California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA; San Diego State University, CA; Colorado State University, Fort Collins; State University of New York; University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Canberra School of Art, Australia; University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia; University of Washington, Seattle, WA; California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA; UQAM, Montreal.

Presentation at Colombia 3.0 in Bogota. Organized by the Ministerio de Technologia, Colombia.

Electronic Textiles Workshop, l’École européenne supérieure de l’image, Poitiers, France
Electronic Textiles Workshop, The Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania
Panel Presentation, Interactive Textiles, Festival International De La Imagen, Manizales Colombia

Panel presentation, Rewind into the Future, Kaunas Biennale of Textiles, Lithuania
Panel presentation, Electronic Textiles at Studio subTela, Aire Conference, Museum of Anthropology, Jalapa, Mexico
Panel presentation, Wearable Absence, Inspace, part of This Pervasive Day Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland

Panel Presentation, Persuasive Textiles, for the panel, Art, Fashion and Architecture at the College Art Association Annual Conference, Chicago

Keynote Speaker, Conference on Research-Creation at the University of Wollongong, Wollongong Australia
Panel presentation, Wearable Absence, co-presented with Janis Jefferies at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA), Belfast, Northern Ireland
Panel presentation, Wearable Technology: Powered Art and Fashion Design, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam
Panel presentation, I-Machine, Edith Russ Haus for New Media, Oldenburg, Germany
Panel presentation, Performance and Interactive Textiles Panel at the Jacquard Textiles Conference, UNC Centre for Craft, Creativity and Design, Hendersonville, NC

Electronic Textiles Workshop at the Swedish School of Textiles, University College of Borås
Presentation: Creative Conscious Clothing, Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Jose, CA

Electronic Textiles Workshop at the Amauta Centre, Cusco, Peru
Panel presentation and Workshop, Valand Academy of Art, Goteborg, Sweden
Electronic Textiles Workshop, Telefonica, Buenos Aires
Round Table for Palabras Cruzadas, Centro Argentino de Arte Textil, Buenos Aires

Panel presentation and Workshop: IT + T;  Rethinking Textile and Design, Srishti Academy of Art, Bangalore, India,

Panel Presentation, The Future of Textiles The Banff Centre, Bodies in Motion Conference
Demonstration, The Twining Garment (with Yacov Sharir) Creativity and Cognition 5, London
Panel Presentation, Twining (with Yacov Sharir), SIGRADI Conference, Lima Peru

Panel Presentation, Animated Textiles The Banff Centre, Canada
Panel Presentation, Animated Textiles at ISEA in Tallinn, Estonia

Make: Wearable Electronics, by Kate Hartman, Maker Media Inc, 2014
Textile Visionaries, Bradley Quinn, Laurence King Publishing, UK  (chapter), 2013
Warp and Weft, by Jessica Hemmings, A & C Black Publishers LTD, London UK, 2013 inclusion in chapter on electronic textiles
Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles: Made in Code, by Sarah Braddock Clarke, Thames and Hudson, inclusion in chapter 2012
Fashion: Innovative materials, by Macarena San Martin, maomao publications, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Technology, and Science by Sabine Seymour.  Pub. Springer Wien New York, 2008
“Seamless 2008”, catalog, The Museum of Science, Boston, MA
“Fashion Show Features Weather-Inspired Designs”, Mish Michaels, Boston, WBZ-tv Jan 30, 2008
“Barbara Layne:  Concordia’s Creative Collaborator”, by Carol D. Westfall, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Winter 2007/2008. P 34-39
“Entrevista a / Interview with Barbara Layne”, website, Centro de Experimentación y Investigación en Artes Electrónicas (CEIArtE, Buenos Aires) with Ricardo Dal Farra, July 2007
“Hexagram, The Institute for Research and Creation”, by J Penney Burton, Fiber Quarterly
Canada, Vol 3 issue 3, September 2007
Les nouvelles technologies dans l'industrie de la mode: entre créativité artistique, nouveaux usages et marchés émergents, C. Rinaldi, p. 28-33, ETC-Revue de l'art actuel, Mars-mai 2007.
“Unravel” 2007, SIGGRAPH, San Diego, CA
“Integration-The Nature of Objects”, exhibition catalog, by Katherine Moline, pub: Ivan Dougherty Gallery, UNSW, Sydney, Australia.
“The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles”, by Carol Westfall.  Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Spring 2007.  Pp 30-36.
“Electric Textiles“  by Risa Dickens, Worn (Worn Fashion Journal) April 2006
Techno Textiles 2:  Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design, Volume 2, by Sarah E. Braddock and Marie O’Mahony, Thames & Hudson, 2005
FUTURE TEXTILES: Fast Wear for Sport and Fashion, exhibition catalog, Sarah E. Braddock and Marie O’Mahony, Thames & Hudson, 2005
Portfolio Collection: Barbara Layne, monograph with intro by Sarah Quinton and essay by Cheryl Simon.  Telos Art Publishing, Winchester, England. 48 color pages, 2003
“Cyber/Fyber/Text”,  feature article, Surface Design Jounal (Jan/Feb 2002)Cheryl Kolak-Dudek.
“The Translation of Textiles in the Electronic Field”, by Diana Wood Conroy and Dr. Kurt Brereton, International Tapestry Journal, Australia.1/2000

Inventory of Labor, (artist pages, 6 page gatefold) in anthology, Objects of Labor, J. Livingstone and J.Ploof, ed.,Chicago Art Inst. Press, 2007
Twining: Wearable Computer Performance Augumentation, co-written with Yacov Sharir, 2005 SIGRADI International Conference Proceedings, Lima, Peru.
Twining, w/ Yacov Sharir, Creativity and Cognition 5, Conference proceedings, London 2005
WEAR: Barbara Layne, Interviewed by Lincoln Phillip for Horizon Zero magazine, the Banff Centre, Vol. 16, July 2004
Migrant Textiles: Burdens, Bundles and Baggage, essay for Re-inventing textiles: tradition and innovation in contemporary practice, Ed. Janis Jefferies, Telos Art Publishing, London 2001.
Interpolations, essay for CD-ROM exhibition/project produced by the Centre for Contemporary Textiles of Montreal, 2000.

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